Season 1

  • Episode 3. Fata Morgana

    Dr Helen Magnus, Ashley and Will release three women from a mysterious crypt in Scotland, bringing them back to the 'Sanctuary' for refuge.

  • Episode 4. Folding Man

    An investigation into a string of bizarre robberies leads Helen and Will to a group of thieves who are able to slip between the cracks of the law.

  • Episode 5. Kush

    Magnus and Will are stranded after their plane crash-lands on a remote mountain range. While awaiting rescue the passengers are attacked one by one.

  • Episode 6. Nubbins

    When two seemingly harmless abnormals turn up at the Sanctuary, the team start to experience a strange animal attraction for one another.

  • Episode 7. The Five

    Magnus meets an old friend whom she knows through a group called The Five, and is informed that the Cabal is out for revenge.

  • Episode 8. Edward

    Detective Kavanaugh asks for Will's help with a suicide case involving a young autistic boy who can draw intricate pictures entirely from memory.

  • Episode 9. Requiem

    Magnus and Will travel to the Bermuda Triangle in order to answer a distress call, a journey which leads to a battle to save Magnus' life.

  • Episode 10. Warriors

    The team investigates when an old friend of Will's disappears, and finds an underground fight club where it appears people are being forced to fight.