Season 1

  • Episode 1. Bangarang

    Somewhere in the dusty badlands of Westerley, one of the planets on the Quad System, a thief named Johnny Jaqobis is being interrogated about the ship he stole from Coren Jeers. 

  • Episode 6. One Blood

    Dutch must compete against top Killjoys to find an elusive fugitive or her teammates will die. Plus: John and D’Avin face an old foe.

  • Episode 8. Come The Rain

    Isolated due to toxic Black Rain, John must stop a criminal operation, while a trapped D’avin and Dutch must face what happened between them.

  • Episode 9. Enemy Khlyen

    Continuing from the end of last week, Dav's off the Killjoy team because he and Dutch can't trust each other, but guess how long that lasts?

  • Episode 10. Escape Velocity

    Dutch, Johnny, and D'avin have too much to do, and time is running out. Dutch needs Johnny to have his tech friend Carleen decrypt Khlyen's files so they can figure out how to combat Level 6. At the same time, Alvis has been thrown in jail and sentenced to death for an explosion at the Leith bazaar, and Dutch tells the somewhat reluctant Jaqobis boys that they need to save him.