United Arab Emirates Highlights

8:10 PM

Stargate SG-1

Full Alert, Season 8, Episode 14

9:00 PM

The Flash S1

All Star Team Up, Season 1, Episode 18

10:00 PM

Channel Zero S2: No-end House

The Damage, Season 2, Episode 5


  1. 6:00 AM

    2 Lava 2 Lantula

  2. 9:20 AM

    Stargate SG-1

    Gemini, Season 8, Episode 11

    The replicator Carter and the real Carter work together with the disruptor signal. The replicator has a different plan.
  3. 10:10 AM

    Stargate SG-1

    Prometheus Unbound, Season 8, Episode 12

    General Hammond returns to SGC to take Dr. Jackson with him on a trip to Atlantis onboard the Prometheus. In the middle of their trip, the Prometheus picks up a distress signal and Hammond decides to investigate.
  4. 11:00 AM

    Earthbound (2012)



  1. 7:20 PM

    Stargate SG-1

    It's Good To Be King, Season 8, Episode 13

    SG-1 is sent to warn Harry Maybourne that the goa'uld System Lord Ares is coming to the planet where he was banished, and in the process they find what may be an Ancient time machine.
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  2. 8:10 PM

    Stargate SG-1

    Full Alert, Season 8, Episode 14

    Ex-Vice President Kinsey comes to Jack informing him of the Trust's activities including what seems to be a plan for the Russians to reclaim the Stargate they lent to the United States.
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